Plumbing Marketing Company Tips: “Best 11 Ways To Choose A Plumber Marketing Agency To Grow Your Business Now”…

If you’re a successful owner in the plumbing business and have enjoyed over five years of running a successful organization, congratulations. You’re part of a demographic of about 10-20% of plumbing businesses that make it past the half-decade mark.

As shocking as it might sound, it’s a reality that any prospective plumbing business owner should understand. After five years, somewhere around 90% of all prospective plumbing businesses fail. And believe it or not, choosing the right plumbing marketing agency has a great deal to do with your success – or lack thereof.

What Is the Role of Marketing In a Plumbing Business?

Everyone has a million dollar idea when they start a new business. However, these million dollar ideas are often manifested by a young technician with little to no business or marketing experience. Granted, he might be good at plumbing, but that’s only about 33% of the battle.

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This is what makes plumbing marketing companies so important to the business. Because, let’s be honest – the majority of blue collar guys just aren’t internet savvy. It’s not an insult, it’s not a jab. And on the same token, many of the tech or marketing guys would probably have difficulties unclogging a toilet. It’s just the way it is.

The problem is for startup plumbing companies, they ask, “how profitable is a plumbing business?” They find out that it can be very profitable, and think because they’re well-versed with the ins and outs of plumbing that they’re the next Mr. Rooter. However, what they don’t understand, is that there are actually three vital support pillars for any successful plumbing startup.

The Three Pillars to Plumbing Success

Before you venture to open your plumbing company, there are three critical pillars you MUST have in place. First, you must have the technical knowledge to operate a plumbing business. Second, you must be familiar with business operations and the proper way to manage your organization. Finally, understanding how to market and advertise properly will put you over the top.

A plumbing market company can help with this pillar if you’re not very tech-savvy or don’t have the patience to deploy a campaign. However, finding the right plumber marketing agency opens the door to several more opportunities that you probably failed to consider.

Why Do Plumbers Need Marketing?

How can your plumbing business benefit from marketing? That’s a pretty broad question, and in this case, the more appropriate inquiry should be, “what problems does a marketing agency for plumbers solve?”

The following list is the three primary reasons that plumbing businesses fail, in regards to marketing:

  • Failure to contract plumber marketing services to handle SEO and other types of digital visibility.
  • They focus solely on one type of customer
  • They begin in a saturated market

Solving these three problems via plumbing marketing services allows pretty much any plumber to achieve some of the most important goals in the industry:

  • Get a large number of eyes on your organization and brand
  • Achieving a diverse pool of clients
  • Focus on your target market with laser precision

You’re probably thinking, “that’s a lot and it’s probably expensive.” It’s called investing in your company. It’s exactly this line of thinking that has plumbing businesses crumbling – they’ve never fully answered the question, “what is the role of marketing in a plumbing business?”

Why Should You Choose a Professional Marketing Company for Your Business?

An online marketing agency for plumbing companies plays a life-or-death role in your business. If your plumbing marketing services aren’t helping you to accomplish the following broad goals, you should probably start weighing your options and consider hiring someone new for the job. If you don’t have a plumber marketing company, period, this still applies to you, assuming you make the right choice and find a quality agency.

The right plumbing marketing services will:

  • Increase your profits
  • Increase your customers
  • Improve your relationship with your customers
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Have you ever sat in your office or in the van wondering,

“How do I expand my plumbing business?”

“How do I get customers for my plumbing business?”

When you’re a plumber, internet marketing services tackle ALL of the issues listed above and create one of the strongest support pillars needed to run a successful plumbing business. Now, who do you hire for your plumbing company’s online marketing strategy? Better yet – how do you hire them?

What’s the Best Way to Find Marketing Services?

What are things to consider when you’re looking for a plumbing marketing company? We’re in the age of marketing and SEO. It’s an excellent time to exist within a competitive industry, but it’s important to be mindful.

The number of plumber internet marketing services that exist is nearly as high as the number of plumbing contractors, period. This means don’t trust the first company to promise you the best marketing and SEO package in the business – all for an incredibly low price – but only this one time.

If you hear a pitch like that, keep walking. Use the following 11 tips to obtain the best plumbing marketing services for your business.

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The Top 11 Most Valuable Tips for Choosing a Plumbing Marketing Company

It’s easy to get wrapped up in a crappy marketing company that provides little to no value – or worse, damages your online reputation and brand image. By moving forward with caution and placing attention to the following 11 tips, you should have no problem finding the right plumbing marketing agency.

1.) Don’t Take Everything for Face Value

  • Ask Questions
  • Look for Proof
  • Test their Knowledge
  • Look to Leadership
What do we mean by this? Well, many people have asked, “how is plumber marketing for a plumbing website different than general marketing?” You’ll get your answer to that question by inquiring about the plumbing marketing agency’s process. Find out about their thought process, what type of leadership they have, quality of customer service, staff experience, and most importantly, the depth of their knowledge. How much do they know about the plumbing industry?

Look to Leadership

While they don’t have to be experts, you at least want them to have a basic understanding of the business. You’ll find out a lot about a company by studying their leadership. Look to the higher-ups of the company and how they carry themselves. Do they seem knowledgeable?

2.) Check Their Portfolio

  • Get Examples of Older Campaigns
  • They Should Have a Professional Portfolio Ready
  • Ideally, It Should Be Accessible Without Asking
Don’t be afraid to ask for a company’s portfolio. There’s too many times people get with companies and all of a sudden freeze when it’s time to ask for proof. They actually get frightened or intimidated to ask for things like these, in fear of “inconveniencing” the agency or employee. That’s what they do for a living. And news flash – you’re the one spending the money. If they act like showing you examples of quality work is an inconvenience – trust us, you’re saving yourself a ton of headache by passing on them.

Are They Hiding Something?

The ideal situation would be them having a portfolio already prepared for you to look over. If you scan through most top-tier marketing agency’s websites, there’s a gallery of their work throughout the website. There’s testimonials. Trust and believe that if a company does excellent work, they’ll want to show it off. The sub-par companies hide it.

3.) Clearly Define Your Goals

  • Establish a Beginning Goal
  • Develop a Final, End Goal
  • Have Goals Besides Monetary
This can never be stated enough. Too many times, companies just kind of go with what an agency says, and in the end, they’re not satisfied. Guess what? They don’t know what you want. They might have an idea, but they’re not mind-readers. Don’t be afraid to get specific and be crystal clear on what you want. You won’t seem like a stickler, don’t worry. Chances are, any marketing agency will be thankful you took the time to be clear and concise. It gives them direction. It’s important to state your goals throughout every step of your campaign. Give the agency benchmarks to hit every so often.

4.) Show Up In Person

  • Check Out Their Work Area
  • Talk to the People There
  • Is Everything Organized?
This is an understated rule, especially during the age of the remote worker and COVID and this and that. Why is it important to visit your plumbing marketing company face-to-face? There are several reasons. First, it gives you a shot to connect with the people working on your project. This ties into some of the other tips, like #3. It’s much easier to be clear about what you want when you meet face-to-face.

Is It Neat or Cluttered?

The second part of this is so you can check out their work area. Is it neat? Is it messy? What stands out? You might not be a marketing expert, but we’re certain you’re aware of what to look for when it comes to red flags and working areas. Don’t be afraid to move on to someone else if something doesn’t feel – or look right. If you notice stacks and stacks of unorganized material and a general sense of chaos, their work probably results in the same.

5.) Avoid the Guarantee

  • A Guarantee Is Usually a Front
  • There Are No Guarantees In Marketing
Avoid those companies who “Guarantee a #1 Ranking!” SEO and marketing, in genera,l is a volatile industry. You can influence it, but it’s impossible to directly control it, or predict it – at least to the point of providing a valid guarantee.

A Pie In the Sky

These companies are selling smoke and mirrors, and generally there’s some gimmick attached – or something shady. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

6.) Choose a Plumbing Marketing Agency That’s Receptive

  • Do They Communicate?
  • They Should Promote Open-Ended Conversations
  • They Should Value Your Input
This can’t be stated enough. You want a plumbing marketing agency that communicates flawlessly. And this doesn’t just mean calling you a lot.

Saying the Right Things

They communicate at the right time and in the right way. They keep you up to date on the most important happenings, and they know when to ask for your input. More importantly, they know when to cut you off and provide theirs.

Nobody Wants a “Yes” Man

You don’t want to hire a “Yes Man.” You’re looking for a creative, forward-thinking marketing agency that’s ready to share ideas. Remember, you’re not paying for someone to agree with you.

7.) You Want an Ethical Plumber Plumber Marketing Company

  • No Cutting Corners
  • No Black Hat Tactics
  • No Fake Traffic or Clicks
It goes without saying that in any facet of the business, ethics is one of the building blocks of a successful ventu in any facet of businessre. However, there’s still a large number of orgniazations that don’t grasp this concept, meaning you should always be on high alert for fly-by-night companies.

No “Working the System” or Short Cuts

To be fair, there are varying degrees of ethics, especially in marketing and SEO. A company could be ethical in the sense that they’re not going to rip you off. However, they could engage in unethical, black hat tactics that could be extremely damaging for your digital presence. This can cost you a lot more than you think and the only thing that can fix it is time.

Don’t Allow Them to Scam You, Either

Then, of course, you have the straight up scammers looking to take you for a ride. Avoid both at all costs.

8.) The Plumbing Marketing Agency Should be Diverse, Professional, and Seasoned

  • Experience Goes a Long Way
  • They Have Things that Aren’t Taught
  • What’s the Total Combined Experience?
  • A Versatile Team Is Important
This is truly one of the most important things to remember. It’s not saying that newcomers to the marketing industry aren’t worth your time or money – but like any other position in life, they need guidance. Ensure that at the core of the agency you’re dealing with there exists a diverse, seasoned, and professional collection of marketers.

They Need that Special “Something”

Marketing – especially of the digital variation, is one of those industries that you can’t really master unless you have hands-on experience. There’s no comprehensive rulebook, because you’re dealing with people. And people are unpredictable.

Clutch Performer

Even the most seasoned of marketers still deals with surprises. However, they’re more prepared on how to handle things when they’re thrown a curve ball.

9.) No Such Thing as Quick, Cheap, and Quality

  • If It Sounds To Good to Be True..
  • You Get What You Pay For
  • Don’t Fall for a Gimmick
  • You Should NEVER Have to Buy RIGHT NOW
You should never have the following mindset, especially when it comes to your marketing plan: “I need things to happen now. I want quick results for cheap, and I want the highest quality!” Those three things don’t coexist on the same planet. You can get it quick and cheap – maybe you can even get cheap, high quality results (if you’re lucky). But you’ll never get quick, cheap, high-quality results. Your marketing plan should be a carefully planned, well-calculated process. You want things to happen naturally – organically. Don’t rush things and ruin your results. Be vigilant of agencies who want to rush you as well. If they say things like “A SPECIAL ONE TIME DEAL IF YOU BUY RIGHT NOW,” you should run. Professional companies give you time to think things over.

10.) Avoid Any Plumbing Marketing Agency that Promises Overnight Results

  • You Don’t Want an Overnight Miracle
  • You’re Looking for Long-Term Organic Growth
  • Long-Term Process=More Data for the Future
Okay, we had to list this. It goes without saying, but it’s extremely important. If you’re looking into a company and they promise anything overnight short of an assessment report of your website or company, they’re not worth it. It doesn’t matter how cheap they are. You’re not looking for a drive-through window – we’re looking for low and slow. Your marketing campaign should simmer. In fact, there should be a substantial amount of time before any campaign is even deployed. First, any plumbing marketing agency must collect data. Getting accurate data takes time. Trust us – overnight, anything when you’re spending money on marketing is a no-go.

11.) Aim for Versatility

  • Find an Agency With Diverse Offerings
  • Services You Might Want to Add On
  • Digital/Classic Marketing
Have you ever asked, “where can I advertise my plumbing business?” “Are there better ways of marketing a plumbing business other than the internet?” Well, that depends on your target audience. And a quality plumbing marketing agency can put its fingers on the pulse of your target audience and tell you exactly where you need to aim to reach them. Is your bread and butter between ages 40 and 60?

Don’t Write Off The “Old Way”

Direct mail and TV commercials may be your best bet. The point is, you want a jack-of-all-trades, not a one-trick pony. Find a plumber marketing company that does various types of marketing, not just digital. If you can’t, then get a quality digital company and ask them if they know any other media buyers for alternative platforms. Chances are, they do.

How Do Marketing Services Provide More Profit to a Plumbing Company?

plumber marketing company services agency

Hopefully, the answer to this should be a little clearer. It’s more than just leads and new customers to spend money. It’s important that you seek a professional, experienced organization that will lead your plumbing company into a modern way of doing business and reaching consumers.

A quality plumbing marketing company will offer you a robust marketing plan that covers all your bases to actively remedy any pain points and reach your most important goals.


What is a marketing plan for a plumbing company?

A marketing plan covers a plumbing company’s strategy regarding its brand voice, and how it will achieve uniformity across all channels to different segments of customers. The end result accomplishes a number of different goals, all of which are vital to a plumbing company’s growth and sustainability.

Should I do my own marketing or have it done in-house?

This depends. Obviously, if you own a larger organization, completing your own marketing probably isn’t realistic. However, this isn’t saying the little guy should do his own. Smaller plumbing outfits can benefit from plumbing marketing agencies just as much as large corporations. It’s all about understanding what you want and setting your goals.

How do marketing services provide more profit to a plumbing company?

There’s multiple ways this happens. However, the most common are as follows:
  • Through brand awareness and uniformity
  • Optimizing your approach towards the most efficient niche or market segment
  • Increasing leads and direct engagement
  • Retargeting and using brand image to lock in repeat business
  • Create the ideal public image

What advice would you give a plumbing contractor who wanted to grow his plumbing business?

Don’t forget about the marketing segment of your business. Give all three major pillars of a successful plumbing business equal attention, and fined a quality plumbing marketing agency that’s transparent and vocal.

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