9 Proven Ways To Choose an HVAC SEO Company That Can Help Your Business Grow…

The HVAC systems market is growing at a rate of 5.6% for the next 8 years, with over 118,000 HVAC companies currently operating in the US. That means that competition is fierce, and a successful HVAC firm needs to find a way to reach an audience through the noise.

Current challenges in the HVAC industry include the cost of doing business and the ability to market effectively. Steep overhead expenses can make it difficult to turn a profit.

HVAC companies face a slew of expenses like equipment, labor, and insurance. Setting aside a budget for marketing is usually difficult to justify, especially if the results (like conversions and leads) are less than stellar.

Rather than running ad campaigns that are ineffective, an HVAC SEO marketing plan can save your business time and money. In fact, reports show that search engine optimization (SEO) costs 67% less per conversion than traditional advertising (paid). Today, you can easily scale your HVAC business and increase efficiency by hiring an HVAC SEO company.

Here’s a complete guide on the SEO basics for HVAC companies and how to hire a professional today!

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What is an HVAC SEO Service?

HVAC search engine optimization services include building an online presence so that your business ranks higher on search engine results (think Google). Heating and cooling websites that rank high on Google get seen first by potential leads. It helps to improve the quantity and quality of your website traffic, and targets organic audiences with genuine search intent.

Typically, SEO marketing applies to traditional websites, landing pages, social media, and Google Business Profiles (which can all appear in search results). You might be asking yourself, “how do I know if I need HVAC SEO services?” The answer is that any HVAC business, big or small, can use this strategic form of digital marketing to get a leg up.

HVAC SEO services like content marketing, on-page optimization, and citation building all contribute to more relevant traffic, higher search engine rankings, and sustainable digital growth that adds to your bottom line.

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What’s Included in HVAC SEO Services?

SEO is the secret sauce to ranking high on search engines and it’s how you get from Google’s 100th page…to page #1. The best HVAC SEO service will offer a variety of features that can include (but are not limited to):

  • On-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Link building
  • Website design
  • Content writing
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Social media marketing
  • Local mapping

HVAC SEO agencies specialize in online reputation management (ORM) which can include collecting reviews and keeping your brand at 4-5 stars. It also includes HVAC local SEO management to ensure your company reaches the neighbors.

The Best Ways to Choose HVAC SEO Services

Once an HVAC company understands what SEO entails, it’s time to start looking for help. Here are some of the top tips for choosing the best HVAC SEO service for your business:

1.) Start with Business Goals and Desires

Before you can start making demands to an SEO company, have an understanding of exactly what you want to accomplish. It’s not always about sales. Sometimes, SEO can help your business drum up engagement or recruit new talent.

Therefore, in order to choose and onboard an HVAC SEO agency that’s right for you, understand:

  • Your business destination – goals
  • What you want to achieve once there – desired outcomes

Common outcomes for HVAC SEO consultants include:

  • Rank specific keywords or your entire site higher
  • Get traffic and leads that are more qualified
  • Drive direct sales from organic search

Your target business goals and expected results will determine what SEO strategies you need and, subsequently, which HVAC SEO providers to hire.

2.) Ask for Case Studies and Testimonials

It’s all fine and great when an SEO firm tells you what they can accomplish, it’s another thing to see it for yourself. One of the most critical selling points for an HVAC SEO company is their portfolio.

How do you track SEO success for HVAC companies? You ask their last few customers. If these people have proven first-page rankings, you know you’re on the right track.

When looking at case studies, it’s best to consider examples that are current, in the HVAC industry, and show continuous progress. Keep in mind, the older a case study is, the less relevant it becomes.

While it’s important to look at other examples in the HVAC space, it’s even more crucial the sites have the same type of goal conversion that you do. Although ranking and traffic are up there, what you’re really looking for is increased conversations.

3.) A Defined Process and Strategy

HVAC SEO companies all have a certain way they accomplish goals and there is not one specific path that is successful. Excellent execution of search engine optimization always follows a battle-tested process.

As an HVAC SEO agency gains experience with different clients, they outline the winning processes and refine the system. Thus, each company with practical experience has it’s own SEO process; a characteristic of proven results.

How does SEO for HVAC contractors increase your leads and booked jobs? A well-defined strategy goes something like this:

  1. Manual audit of your online real estate
  2. Analysis of audience
  3. Competitive analysis
  4. Content analysis
  5. Link-building and content promotion
  6. Social media marketing

HVAC SEO services should also include ongoing, consultative support for content strategy, promotion, and general SEO.

4.) Consider the Communication

It’s no use having a top-rated SEO company for HVAC if they fail to communicate with you on a regular basis. An SEO firm will establish an ongoing relationship as they watch the numbers. That means, they should be open to using email, phone, SMS, task management software, or whatever other channels you’ve agreed upon to communicate.

An HVAC SEO company should be able to provide extensive answers to all of your questions; knowing this is a complex digital process for most people in the HVAC industry. They should also have a fair share of questions for you, so be prepared to explain your business, industry, competition, and goals.

5.) Pricing and Value

At the end of the day, you cannot do more than what your budget allows. What it really comes down to is, what are you willing to budget? If you’re asking questions like “how can I quickly get my HVAC company website to the top of Google?” then this helps define the price.

SEO is a slow and intentional process that requires patience from both parties. Paying $3,000 a month for HVAC SEO services that bring in sales is a much better value than paying $1000 for HVAC SEO strategies that don’t improve your exposure or increase revenue.

Studies show the average business spends about $500 every month on SEO services and yet, 53% of companies who spend more than that describe themselves as “extremely satisfied” with the results. This means, as long as you find the right company, the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

Prices for HVAC SEO services will differ depending on what you want the agency to do. After you determine the top business goals, this can help you better understand the cost to expect when hiring an HVAC SEO company. Set a maximum spending amount so you can easily cross off services that are over your budget.

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6.) Localization

Expanding your local search and reach is another fabulous feature of local SEO services for HVAC. The smartest brands know that an HVAC company’s strongest audience lies within their region of service. Thus, local SEO marketing for HVAC contractors starts in your own backyard.

Look for an SEO firm that’s interested in exploring your local markets. Keyword research surrounding your areas of operation is a good first step to developing a successful strategy. Local SEO services for HVAC contractors will directly connect your business with homeowners in need of a heating and cooling solution.

If you were to ask a firm for local SEO tips for HVAC contractors, the best ones will start with:

  • Locating and auditing existing business citations like Yelp, Facebook, and other industry-specific HVAC directories.
  • Optimize your Google My Business page including regular check-ins
  • Discover new opportunities to create more citations and backlinks

Look for an SEO company that wants to help you build topical authority with an in-depth and relevant local campaign.

7.) Staying Informed

One of the hidden jobs of a top HVAC SEO company is staying up-to-date on the latest algorithm changes, SEO trends, rules, and regulations. It’s not something you make up as you go along.

As Google continuously recalibrates its standards, greater value has been placed on quality content that informs and educates an audience. At this stage, HVAC customers are looking for thought leadership.

HVAC companies have been slow to adjust to this trend, resulting in lost leads and missed sales opportunities. A well-informed HVAC SEO consultant can help a business avoid stagnation and participating in antiquated practices.

8.) Company Culture

Aligning your goals and vision with partnerships is more important than you may think. Although an HVAC SEO company has all of the expertise you seek, it may not end up a good match simply because of company culture. Exceptional SEO agencies do not take on toxic relationships, and neither should your business.

To avoid this, most professional HVAC SEO agencies will have values and the company culture on full display on their website. This helps you decide if it aligns with the type of environment you want to collaborate in.

For example, it may be difficult to find an agency that only specifically works with HVAC brands, but you definitely want a firm that has experience in the construction and home remodeling markets. Perhaps a company that works with a sense of urgency.

You should also look for an SEO business that’s structured for speed and efficiency. Regulations can change quickly in the HVAC market, and the faster your content reflects these industry changes, the higher you’ll rank organically.

Why Your Company Needs HVAC SEO Services

If you’re asking, “should I hire an HVAC SEO company?” just look at the advantages this type of partnership can bring. One study reported that 89% of marketers in private companies felt their SEO efforts were successful.

SEO services for HVAC can help drive sales, engage leads, increase customer satisfaction, and stimulate business growth. Here are a few reasons to look into SEO companies for HVAC:

Conserve Resources

If you own an HVAC business, it’s doubtful you have the time to create, schedule, and monitor an SEO campaign. These types of HVAC marketing strategies require 100% of your focus, otherwise, it’s not worth the effort.

Hiring the best HVAC SEO company ensures your business saves valuable resources that can be redistributed to focus on more important tasks, like business growth.

Delegate to an Expert

It’s unlikely you have an HVAC SEO strategy in your back pocket, or, you would already have campaigns running. Attempting SEO tasks blindly may not end in the best outcomes.

Professionals are trained in SEO techniques and practices, which are constantly changing. It’s their job to stay updated with the latest trends and adjust your HVAC marketing campaigns accordingly. They handle everything, from researching the HVAC industry to mapping out a strategy and implementing key SEO components on your website.

Guaranteed Results

HVAC SEO companies wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t have proven results. SEO experts know everything there is to know about creating a successful campaign with lead generation. Every company’s goals are different, so be sure to express this to your HVAC SEO professional  before getting started.

How long does it take SEO services for HVAC to work? That’s a common question in the industry. While it sometimes takes a few months for an outcome to emerge, every bit of work an HVAC SEO consultant puts in brings you that much closer to success.

Tools and Analytics

HVAC SEO professionals have access to search engine optimization tools that you may not. They probably pay subscriptions on a lot of these platforms that are required for the job. So, unless you want to purchase what an SEO consultant has in their tool chest, it’s better to just hire them instead.

For example, one of the most important aspects to search engine optimization is understanding the competition and how they perform online. Then, a strategy can be created that gives the brand a competitive edge. However, an in-depth online competitive analysis can only be done with the proper tools.

HVAC SEO services include using solutions like Google Analytics to better understand the progress of your campaigns. Then, they can use this data to tweak the content and make it as successful as possible.

Search Engine Rankings

Everyone uses the search engine bar to find everything. It’s a modern part of our online experience. And unless you’re looking for a specific website, nobody ever scrolls past page #1 on Google or Bing.

An HVAC SEO company can help your business reach the first page on Google and stay there. They’ll determine keywords that search engines look for to establish answer rank, then use those terms on your website and social content. You’ll be front and center for local searches, and in the mix with top competitors in your market.

Understanding the Data

HVAC SEO service plans typically include collecting and analyzing SEM (search engine marketing) data. As search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and people’s search intent evolves, it becomes a full-time job to keep track of the trends.

An SEO expert understands the metrics and can use the data to stay ahead of the curve, increasing HVAC rankings and positioning your brand higher on the page. Although it may look like a lot of guesswork, the answer to effective HVAC SEO strategies is in the analytics.

The Importance of HVAC SEO and Digital Marketing

The last few years have been challenging for businesses in every industry, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel for HVAC. In 2022, spending on construction and renovation grew by 6% and the average invoice size increased by 23% thanks to the growing scope.

This increase in demand also infers a rise in competition. Your business can get ahead of the game by looking for a reliable and knowledgeable HVAC SEO company right now.

HVAC SEO is currently one of the most effective ways to generate leads, stir up local competition, rank high on search engines, and reach people like never before. It’s the true secret to gaining an edge on your digital marketing and rising to the top.

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