6 Best HVAC Marketing Strategies That Guarantee You Generate More Leads And Jolt Your Profits Higher (Like A ‘Lightning Bolt’) Now…

Brutal heatwaves and sub-zero winters have contributed to the rapid expansion of the HVAC market. In fact, it’s projected to reach $455 billion by 2028, growing at a rate of 10.8% per year. Now if the perfect time to enter this business space and implement the best HVAC marketing strategy for contractors .

However, running a Heating and Cooling company comes with its fair share of challenges. Inflation and energy shortages are changing consumer behavior. There are higher expectations, as people desire consistent service with competitive prices.

There is also a major talent crunch. The skilled labor force is shrinking, even as the market continues to grow. This only adds to the elevated cost of doing business.

Every HVAC contractor must learn how to transition from the truck to the office. Growth can be tough, especially when it’s hard to find good help and everything is costly.

“How Should I Market My HVAC Business?”

You know, the best marketing ideas and strategies for HVAC can position your organization to attract highly skilled employees, generate new leads, retain customers against tough competition, improve cash flow and put 2-3 times MORE money in your pocket.

More money and cash flow can help you out of these problems common to Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning…

…However, you must generate highly effective HVAC marketing ideas (that are better than your competition) to conquer these monsters.

“What Are The Best HVAC Marketing Strategies For Contractors?”

Digital marketing for HVAC companies involves the exploration of channels, engaging your audience, and ensuring your online presence is solid. You might also need to research HVAC marketing agencies or a digital marketing contractor to help get the job done.

The best SEO for HVAC companies or internet marketing company will make you MORE money than what it costs. — It’s a no brainer for any savvy and smart Heating and Cooling business owner.

Whatever route you choose, here are the top 5 ideas for HVAC marketing to grow your business, retain skilled workers, and keep customers coming back for more.

The following proven 6 top HVAC marketing strategies are more important than ever…NOT only to thrive, but even just to stay in business! (These are some of the highest converting strategies used by professional HVAC marketing companies.)

1. Your HVAC Marketing Strategy Should Be Driven By Consumer Search Habits

Professional HVAC marketing companies begin by brainstorming ideas and strategizing. HVAC marketing agencies do NOT “just-start-marketing.”

Your market strategy must start with researching your audience (that is your local customer) and what problem(s) they’re looking to solve (in terms of HVAC services and products). You must get into their head. You should understand how they search online to find YOU as their solution.

The more involved and engaged a brand is with customers, the easier it is to understand their needs/problems. Then you redirect your marketing message to speak directly to the customer’s “perceived view.” You provide specific, direct solutions to these problems through the use of your HVAC company.

Customers aren’t loyal like they were in the recent past. Gone are the days when a business could rely on word-of-mouth to fill its call board. Homeowners immediately turn to Google to find an HVAC company near them.

When it comes to the modern HVAC consumer’s search habits, consider these blaring statistics:

  • 55% of consumers purchasing home services use a search engine before scheduling an appointment.
  • 97% of people learn the most about a local company online, over anywhere else.
  • 71-92% of search traffic clicks happen on page 1 of Google and only 6% of people click over to the second page.

In other words, if the HVAC marketing company doesn’t position your website on page 1 of Google, you’re guaranteed to lose leads, calls, and sales to competitors.

2. Your HVAC Marketing Strategy Must Include: A Top-Notch Heating And Cooling Website That Sells For You (While You Sleep)

How do you attract HVAC customers? It starts by ranking your website high on Google. To do that, you must have a clean platform that’s easy to navigate and interesting to look at.

If you already have something built, it’s time to optimize your website. The right HVAC web design will increase rankings and convert more visitors into booked jobs.

To build a better HVAC website you need simplified navigation. Once a visitor lands, it should be easy for them to contact you. Consider having the following in plain site:

  • A phone number with a strong call to action
  • A contact form (placed above the fold)
  • An instant chat for consumers looking to speak with someone ASAP
Build Customer Loyalty

If you’re asking, how can I generate more business from my website? The answer is authenticity. In order to attract high-value leads, you must incorporate trust builders into your HVAC website.

These are features that establish credibility with potential leads, showcase your services, and demonstrate company differentiators; and include:

  • Real team photos and “behind-the-scenes” candid shots
  • List service areas including the cities and towns you work in (a map is even better)
  • Customer reviews including video testimonials and case studies
  • Value propositions like warranties, discounts, emergency services, etc. studies
  • Payment methods and financing options, like credit card types and loans

Heating And Cooling Website Design And Development

Your HVAC website marketing strategy needs a little more than a smart design (if you want to remain competitive). It should also create a seamless user experience. This is what keeps people on the page long enough to engage with your CTAs.

An important aspect of a successful website is speed. Nearly half of all consumers expect a web page to load within 2 seconds. After that, they bounce off fast. In this case, speed will really impact your bottom line.

Your site should also be secure as this will affect the SEO (search engine optimization). This means your website is HTTPS (not just HTTP).

Lastly, it should be a mobile-friendly site that is responsive. Many people will be searching for your business on their phones or tablets. If the site cannot handle this format, you will lose those potential customers.

3. Focus On Local HVAC Marketing Ideas

Marketing strategies for HVAC contractors give you the same advice when it comes to online competition, and that is to stay local. It’s where your HVAC digital marketing is the strongest and has the most potential.

Local people are looking for your local services…they just need to find a way to reach you.

Improve Local SEO

Organic results are shrinking, giving way to the rise of localization. To be at the top of Google’s local listings (including the map feature), you need to optimize your HVAC internet marketing. Start with the following tweaks to your local SEO:

  • Fine-tune your website structure. This includes title tags, meta descriptions, XML maps, and other essentials that make your site easier to crawl.
  • Optimize your “Google My Business” page. The data you make public powers your local listing. Add pics to your page, business categories, and contact info to rank higher.
  • Update social media profiles. This will help local SEO. Social pages should be updated with name, address, and phone number.
  • Get with local directories. When a site updates its online business listings, make sure your information is correct. Local searchers love directories when searching for HVAC companies.

The more you keep information updated and accurate, the higher Google will place you on the SERP (search engine results page).

Google Local Services Ads

Have you thought: “How do I market my HVAC company?

Start by focusing on targeting your local community. If you’re just getting ideas for HVAC marketing and testing ads, start with local ads. When someone searches for local HVAC services, this is the first thing to pop up.

Google Local Services ads are superior to PPC (pay per click), the local pack, and organic search results. It’s the cream of the crop for search engine marketing (SEM). That means, without help, it’s getting harder and harder to show up in organic searches. Especially if there is stiff competition. To counter this, you need to sign up for Google Local Services ads.

It should be noted, the vetting process is a little steep. Local Services will request copies of your business license/s, insurance, and list of employees (to perform background checks). You then have to wait for a Google Guarantee Badge before posting any ads.

There is a waiting period to get your badge so if you’re experiencing rapid growth, you may want to consider paid search ads (i.e., pay-per-click).

Are Geofence Ads A ‘Profit-Pumping’ Strategy For HVAC Contractors?

Perhaps the most localized strategy for marketing your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning company is geofencing advertising. It involves harnessing local data to reach people where they’re at. It’s the application of a virtual boundary around a specific location (like your office).

When a mobile device enters or leaves the geofence, certain advertising rules are applied. Display or banner ads will appear on a user’s mobile device based on their GPS location. These banner ads can also appear with recommended apps or websites, and range in size and format.

4. Use Paid Ads In Your HVAC Promotional Strategy

Pay-per-click advertising can result in more traffic to your website and more leads for the business.

75% of people find that PPC ads make it easier to find information. Search ads are the most popular form of paid HVAC marketing. You are essentially buying visits to your website instead of organic ranking generated through SEO.

PPC marketing as marketing idea doesn’t work for everyone. You have to be willing to pay for every potential buyer. However, it’s one of the best marketing strategies for contractors, small businesses, and enterprise organizations to generate and nurture leads. You just have to crunch the numbers. Then stick to your budget.

5. Inbound HVAC Marketing Ideas

Inbound HVAC company marketing plan is the most inexpensive way to drum up engagement and increase traffic to your website. Subsequently, it takes a little more time. Here are a few proven strategies for an effective inbound marketing plan:

Advertise Your HVAC Business With Content Marketing

The most authentic way to become a thought leader in your industry and truly educate the customer is through a lead-generating blog. This not only helps to build your brand and builds a relationship with your local community, but it also maximizes your online real estate and exposure. Blog pages should include keywords for all of the different services you offer, helpful tips, and a call to action at the end.

HVAC Social Media Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

HVAC contractor marketing methods on social media is a great way to engage with customers, target your audience, promote services, and increase brand visibility. Facebook is one of the best platforms to start and advertising is the cheapest online. You can run a social ad for a dollar if you so choose.

A Facebook advertising strategy can help you gain more qualified leads and expand your company’s search visibility. You can run several different types of campaigns depending on whether you are looking for more clicks or calls. Others to HVAC social media marketing strategy are:

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Nextdoor

HVAC Email Marketing Ideas

A great way to build a relationship, keep in touch with and inform customers of special promotions is through email marketing. You ask people to give you their email address in return for something of legtimate value. This is call opt-in or opting into your list.

Strategically marketing your HVAC business with email optins helps to generate leads. It also creates more sales from your existing customer base. The statistics back up this highly successful form of inbound marketing as well:

  • 61% of consumers enjoy receiving weekly promotional emails, while 28% would like them to come even more frequently.
  • 90% of email gets delivered to an intended recipient, whereas only 2% of your Facebook followers see your posts.
  • Heating and Cooling email marketing has an average ROI of 4,400% or $44 for every $1 spent.

Email marketing strategies are also a great way to retain customers and keep them interested during slow seasons.

6. Get More Online Reviews (One Of The Best Marketing Ideas For HVAC Contractors)

93% of people look at customer online reviews before buying a service or a product. If you’re asking, how do I advertise my HVAC service? You can let the people speak for you. If they enjoy your services, ask them to leave a review.

Reviews or testimonials can be left in a number of places online, but the best place to start is Google. If you receive enough, it will also place your business in the “local pack” on the Google results page.

Other Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning marketing ideas and option include:

  • Social media like Facebook and Instagram
  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List
  • Thumbtack
  • Nextdoor app

Don’t just ask for a few reviews and then call it quits. Studies have shown that 85% of consumers don’t trust reviews that are more than three months old. So, keep the referrals flowing.

Another way to ask for reviews is to do so discreetly. Order some business cards with a QR code that links directly to Google reviews. Or you can send a follow-up through email. Just remember to ask, and if you need to, ask again. Customer reviews is one of the most powerful types of HVAC business marketing strategies you can employ.

How To Generate Better HVAC Marketing Ideas

HVAC digital marketing is multi-facetted, and it can be a full-time job. The first step is proper delegation. You can either do it yourself, call an HVAC marketing agency, hire an employee, or retain the services of a freelancer. Whatever you do, in the age of virtual competition, digital marketing can not be ignored.

The best way to get started with your HVAC marketing strategy is to sit down and write out a budget. Whether your strategic plan involves hiring an HVAC marketing company or attempting to do this in house, advertising, promotion and pulling-in the customers costs money.

Ask yourself: “What type of marketing budget can I set to allow my company to be successful not just now, but to be viable 3-5 years from now?

Think about: “How much (what percent of gross revenue) are my fiercest competitors paying for specialized HVAC SEO and marketing services? (Are you on target to even compete with them?)

Just imagine. What would cost to have all your marketing done in house by you or employees. Assuming your situation is similar to hundreds of HVAC companies I have worked with, this type of mediocre marketing is barely keeping your head above water marketing. An in-house marketing team will cost you in payroll taxes and expenses, time and hassle of hiring and supervising an employee. Anyone with some basic internet marketing ideas and knowledge will cost at least $25.00 per hour. $25.00 per hour for a full-time marketing person is $1,000 per week. Since your average month has 4.5 weeks, $1,000 x 4.5 weeks = $4,500!…

…You can hire the best HVAC SEO Service for less than that per month! (and they aren’t amateurs who’ll do a mediocre job)

The lowest cost HVAC marketing strategies or cheapest way to get noticed is through customer reviews and social media posts. Both are free.

How To Get A HVAC Marketing Strategy That Crushes Your Local Competition?

Who’s the audience is (the group of people) you want to reach in your marketing?…

  • Are you recruiting new talent?
  • Are you trying to engage a specific region of customers?
  • Who are you addressing?

Your HVAC content marketing strategy must motivate, educate, and inspire potential clients. It can help to reduce higher customer expectations and increased costs that come with energy shortages. The more time, effort and money you invest the best HVAC marketing ideas (and implement them), the easier it will be to reach your ideal new customer, get more leads and grow your HVAC company quicker.

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