How to Get Ranked on Google Maps for HVAC Contractors

HVAC contractors have to rely on local marketing to keep their businesses afloat. Since they provide services in person, they only need to market to the areas they serve. But local marketing is no longer dependent on word-of-mouth. In 2021, 81% of people reported using Google to learn more about local businesses.

Digital marketing for HVAC (internet marketing) is more important than ever before. To attract local customers and use Google effectively, your business should put forth the effort to get ranked on Google Maps. Luckily, your company can see major results from making a few small adjustments.

The Top 6 Ways To Get Your HVAC Company Ranked On Google Maps:

1. Claim The Listing For Your Heating And Cooling Company

The Google listing is one of the most important parts of ranking on Google Maps for HVAC contractors. Every business has a listing on Google, but if you haven’t claimed the listing as your own, you won’t be able to edit it. Your Google page may also be referred to as your Google Business Profile, or GBP.

Search for your business on Google and look at the business profile that appears on the right side of the page. You can select the “Own This Business?” option to begin claiming your business profile. Alternatively, you can visit to claim your profile. Creating or claiming your Google profile is completely free.

2. Complete Your Profile

After you’ve claimed your HVAC listing for Google Maps, you can complete your business profile. Be sure to include pertinent information like your business name, address, phone number, and operating hours. You should also add your website URL, business photos, and short posts about your business to provide potential customers with as much information as possible.

If you have more than one location of your business, be sure to verify each one so they will be connected to your profile. Finally, make sure to keep your profile accurate if data like your hours or phone number change. If your profile is incomplete or inaccurate, your business is less likely to get ranked, and potential customers are less likely to trust you.

3. Ask for Customer Reviews

HVAC marketing depends largely on customer reviews, which can help to complete your Google profile. Begin asking current clients if they could leave a Google review for your heating ventilation and air conditioning company after their service is complete. You could make the process easier for them by emailing them a link to the Google review page along with their receipt. You may also have an email list of former clients you could contact about a quick review.

Positive reviews can help Google see that your business is legitimate and help convince potential customers of your worth. Reviews might be even more valuable than HVAC advertising, as 74% of people say they actively avoid advertising. Don’t be tempted to purchase fake reviews, though, as this strategy can negatively impact your Google ranking.

4. Claim Your NAP Citations

You may be using several different platforms for your marketing campaigns, or you may have your business listed on a few local directories. In this case, be aware of your NAP citations: Name, Address, Phone Number.

Check your Google profile and anywhere else your business is mentioned to ensure that every resource has the most accurate NAP information about your company. Don’t forget about local directories, like those managed by your chamber of commerce, as well as online directories like Angie’s List or If the wrong information is available to potential customers, you could be inadvertently losing sales.

5. Create Quality Air Conditioning And Heating Content

When you’re wondering how to rank on Google Maps for HVAC businesses, don’t forget about the importance of content. Creating regular blog posts on your website or sharing content on social media can help improve your Google Maps ranking and bring in more HVAC customers

As you share more information, Google will get a better picture of your business and its specialties so that it can recommend you to the right users. You can write your content yourself or work with a freelance writer or content agency to produce your posts. Either way, post consistently and engage with readers who comment on your blogs or on social media.

6. Focus on Local SEOM

Internet marketing for HVAC almost always involves the use of SEO keywords. But instead of simply trying to rank for “HVAC companies in Cleveland” (or whichever city you’re located in), try to also rank for local keywords such as “HVAC companies near me.” Google can use the “near me” query to customize a user’s results further, putting you in front of your closest potential customers.

When Google receives a local query, the search engine takes three factors into consideration: relevance to the search, distance from the searcher, and prominence of the business. You might not be able to improve your relevance or distance from a particular user, but you can control your prominence. Improving local SEO rankings overall can increase your prominence as well as your Google performance.

Is This Mindboggling To Do Yourself? Completely NOT Interested In Breaking Your Brain Learning All This At 2:15am in the morning?

An HVAC company SEO service can handle HVAC contractor promotion on Google Maps for you. This way you can focus on building your company and improving its operations.

Google Maps for HVAC and home service contractors can be a valuable tool for attracting more business without much extra effort. Implementing these six tips can help your business achieve higher Google Maps rankings and bring in more customers. As you work through these strategies, be sure to track your Google Analytics to see how your business’s performance is improving.

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