HVAC Advertising Templates – Top 7 Advertising Examples And Ideas For HVAC Contractors To Attract More Customers (and Explode Your Profits) Now!


As a business owner in the home service industry, especially in the HVAC business, you often find yourself in constant competition with other businesses looking to get a larger chunk of the customer pie in your area. Perhaps you have even spent hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on advertising campaigns, but they haven’t seemed to yield any results.

With the stifling competition in the HVAC industry, it can be difficult to generate leads and acquire new customers. That’s why we have put together concrete HVAC advertising templates and strategies you can apply right now to get you from where you are to where you want to be — landing new clients.

How To Attract HVAC Customers: 7 Foolproof Strategies

HVAC advertising is one of the best ways to attract customers. The first thing you need to understand is that there are different kinds of customers, and the best templates for HVAC advertising is to combine a couple of strategies that target each type of customer for maximum reach and conversions. Here are seven reliable HVAC advertising ideas you can apply to your business right now to start seeing tangible results:

Improve Competitive Advantage with Google Local Service Ads

Google recently launched local service ads and it is one of the surefire ways to put your heating ventilation and air conditioning business in front of the people looking for you. It uses geofencing technology to suggest businesses near the customer whenever they search for specific services.

If, for example, I search “hvac Houston, TX” as I have done below, you can see some boxes with business names, reviews, and a green check mark with “Google Guaranteed” by the side.

Those boxes are called Google local service ads (LSA). They are Google-certified businesses that are currently running LSA campaigns, and it is the first thing customers see when they search for HVAC businesses around them. The goal of this HVAC advertising template is to target impulse customers looking for an answer right now! And Google LSA pushes you to the front of their screens.

Setting up a Google LSA account is relatively easy. The first thing you want to do is to head over to their website and click “Get started”. Then you follow the instructions till your advertisement is live.

hvac advertising

Those boxes are called Google local service ads (LSA). They are Google-certified businesses that are currently running LSA campaigns, and it is the first thing customers see when they search for HVAC businesses around them. The goal of this HVAC advertising template is to target impulse customers looking for an answer right now! And Google LSA pushes you to the front of their screens.

Setting up a Google LSA account is relatively easy. The first thing you want to do is to head over to their website and click “Get started”. Then you follow the instructions till your advertisement is live.

Google Local Service Ads Tips
    1. During your account creation process, you will be asked to create your profile. This is where it gets tricky. For fast approval, we recommend you put 0 under “Total number of field workers”. This is because for your business to be certified, Google will run background checks on all your field workers, depending on the number you specify. This could take a lot of time, and for a business-like Heating and Cooling where the turnover rates are ridiculous, that could be a problem. It is best for Google to run their background checks on just you alone.


    1. Google LSA allows you to set a budget. Usually, you can set the maximum amount of dollars you are willing to spend on a lead. For HVAC company advertising, we recommend you set within $35-$45 per lead. This will improve your chances of getting relevant leads.


  1. Unlike most advertising platforms, Google LSA only charges you per quality lead. If you get calls from clients that are not relevant to your business, for example, you can simply dispute the leads and get a refund. Ensure you take advantage of this feature, so you only pay for the lead you want.
Boost Leads with Pay-Per-Click (Google AdWords)

Pay-Per-Click, also known as PPC, is another HVAC advertising idea that gets you the most bang for your buck. Once potential clients click through on your PPC link, they will either be redirected to your website or prompted to make a phone call.

The goal of this advertising strategy, like Google Local ads, is to target new and impulse customers looking for a quick fix. When they search their phones with specific keywords, you want your business to be one of the first to appear and PPC does that for you.

On a typical search result page, PPC ads usually show up below local service ads, like this:

advertising hvac company

You might be wondering, “of what use is PPC when I can simply use Google local service ads?”. Well, they both have their strengths. PPC gives you more flexibility in your ad campaign setup whereas LSA is quite restricted. Moreover, there are some keywords (especially long tail keywords from voice searches) that Google LSA does not show up for. As a rule of thumb, we recommend using both if you can.

Like Google local service, PPC campaigns begin with signing up on their website. After which you go through a series of steps to get your campaign up and running. If you need more information on how to set up your campaign, check their help page.

HVAC Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Tips

  1. While setting up your PPC ads, it is best to tailor your campaign to get more calls to your business rather than the other options provided. This creates a call-only ad, which, in our opinion, is the better option for heating ventilation and air conditioning contractors.
  2. If you must create an advertising campaign for your HVAC company that directs customers to your website, instead of direct phone calls, make sure you optimize it for conversion. You can optimize your website by including a chatbot on your website and adding eye-catching markers like exciting offers, memorable slogans, free estimates, and so on, on your website. You also want to add as many calls to actions (CTA) as possible so that your clients can know exactly what it is you want them to do. Here are some exciting HVAC website advertising templates and layouts to further illustrate our point:

HVAC Contractor Advertising Example #1:


HVAC Contractor Advertising Example #2:


Advertise on Facebook

Another way of advertising HVAC contractor businesses is to do so on social media platforms like Facebook. Facebook alone has 1.93 billion daily active users, making it one of the best social media platforms to go on a client fishing expedition. The great thing about this HVAC advertising template is that it helps you direct your ads to a specific demography. Another good thing about Facebook ads is that it is relatively cheaper than the other pay-for-leads options we have mentioned above. The average Facebook cost-per-click is anywhere between $0.30 to as high as $2, depending on your market. In 2020, the average HVAC Facebook ad was just $0.44. It is a good place to start testing your advertising strategy because you can start seeing results in as little as one day.

The goal of HVAC Facebook advertising is to target wandering customers — they don’t know they need your services until they see your ad, which prompts them to act. Sometimes, they probably do not need your services at that particular moment but seeing it alone has made an impression. So, when next they do need HVAC services, they will remember that flashy HVAC Facebook advertising they saw on a Tuesday evening.

Question remains, why Facebook Advertising for HVAC? And not Instagram or Twitter? Well, besides being the most popular social media in the world, it is the most popular amongst adults aged 18 – 64. Which is the demography you should be targeting as a home service business owner.

You can go about HVAC Facebook advertising in two ways; either you pay for Facebook ad campaigns, or you advertise on your page by posting well-designed images with catchy headlines on a Facebook post. Running an ad campaign would require you to sign up for the process and follow the required steps.

Facebook Advertising Tips

  1. You will be asked to specify a demography while creating your Facebook ad campaign, it is best to target adults aged 18 – 64. These are the consumers that would be interested in your services.
  2. Join relevant groups on Facebook. Joining an HVAC community will improve your chances of reaching a larger audience with your Facebook posts and advertisements. You can also reach out to the group admins to help you sponsor your posts on the top of the group’s page with Facebook’s “Featured Posts”. Here is an interesting HVAC Facebook group worth checking out: Refrigeration & Air conditioning (HVAC) Technicians.
  3. Use relevant hashtags on your Facebook posts. Hashtags help promote your post under a discussion topic. You can use a hashtag generator to get popular HVAC hashtags to boost your post’s reach.
  4. Use relevant hashtags on your Facebook posts. Hashtags help promote your post under a discussion topic. You can use a hashtag generator to get popular HVAC hashtags to boost your post’s reach.
  5. Make use you use catchy images and copies with enticing offers, like the ones below:

Adverting Example For HVAC Company #1:

hvac facebook advertising

Adverting Example For HVAC Company #2:

hvac advertising ideas

Adverting Example For HVAC Company #3:

most productive advertising for hvac

Maximize HVAC Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An HVAC SEO advertising strategy is the least expensive to run. You simply need to optimize your website for organic traffic by using search engine optimization tactics.

The goal of advertising HVAC businesses with SEO content is to target wandering and insistent customers. These customers are usually highly informed, so easy access to knowledge base or informative content is a great way to convert them.

HVAC SEO Advertising Tips

  1. Have highly informative DIY blogs on your website. This should be content that is not common knowledge that you have garnered during your years of experience on the job.
  2. Use keyword tools like Ahrefs and Semrush to generate primary keywords that will boost your rankings. If you do not want to pay for those, you can use free tools like Wordstream.
  3. Utilize backlinking strategies to further improve rankings on Google’s search engine result pages.
  4. Lastly, always use call to actions in your blogs. Your goal is to advertise and convert. Your blog content helps you advertise your expertise and services, while CTAs help you convert.

Get a highly experienced and competent HVAC SEO company to boost your website to the top of Google and help grow-your-Heating and Cooling company. Schedule a FREE, no obligation HVAC marketing call right now.

Utilize Posters and Billboards To Advertise

We have been talking about online leads so far. But some of your customers could be right across the street or a few blocks away. A general rule of thumb for home service businesses is to conquer your turf before you move farther. You can do that with print-out posters and billboards.

This traditional HVAC advertising strategy targets a variety of customers; new, impulsive, wandering, the whole lot. It’s one of the oldest forms of advertising, but it is still very effective.

HVAC Poster/Billboard Advertising Tips

  1. Put up your posters and billboards in strategic locations like in coffee shops, restaurants, bulletin boards, and public spaces with high pedestrian traffic.
  2. Make sure your HVAV poster and billboard advertising is catchy with a very dicey offer that people can hardly refuse. This is one way to get your foot in the door. Once you establish first contact, it is usually very easy to retain them as loyal customers. Here are some interesting HVAC advertising examples you can use as inspiration for your posters and billboards:

HVAC Advertising Template #1:

best advertising for hvac business

HVAC Advertising Template #2:

air conditioning heating advertising example

Use Real Estate Agents

Most real estate agents are looking to entice potential homeowners with some value proposition. Having something. The goal of this advertising template is to target new customers.

Reach out to the real estate agents working your area and see if you can work out a deal where they pitch your business to the potential home buyers. It doesn’t have to be a big pitch, just a little “there’s an HVAC guy right about the corner that can work on your appliances should they need a tune up. Here’s their business card” can go a long way.

Real Estate Agent Advertising Tips

Put eye catching offers on your business card. Like we stated, the goal is to attract new customers, and one of the ways to do so is through exciting offers and discounts. Here are some good examples in advertising your HVAC company:

Template For HVAC Advertising #1:

best templates for hvac advertising

Template For HVAC Advertising #2:

examples for hvac advertising

HVAC Advertising Template #3:

ideas for hvac advertising facebook

Use Direct Mail Advertising

Another time-tested HVAC advertising template is direct mailing. This simply involves purchasing a mailing list from a mail list service and sending your flyers, business cards, or business ad copies to the addresses on this list. It is one good strategy to find new customers and convert them to paying clients.

HVAC Direct Mailing Advertising Tips

  1. Besides your flyers and ad copies, ensure to add coupons or discounts to the mail. This will entice potential customers and significantly increase their chances of calling you.
  2. Mailing list services will mostly give you the option to choose the audience you want to target. One pro tip is to target new movers and new homeowners. They are new in town and would love pointers to where they can get good HVAC tune ups and repairs. Your mail could just be the one thing that turns them to loyal customers.

HVAC Advertising FAQs

What’s The Most Effective Marketing, Advertising Or Internet Marketing For HVAC Businesses?

The most effective strategy is to combine two or more of the advertising templates and online marketing strategies to broaden your reach and target the different customer types.

Best HVAC Contractor Advertising Templates When It’s Cold (Or Hot)

The Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning business is very seasonal. It’s not uncommon to be flooded with tons of phone calls and requests during extreme weather months. Whether it be hot or cold, you want to be on the minds of potential customers even before they realize they need a tune up or a fix up. The best advertising template for HVAC and seasonal advertising are Facebook ads and print-out posters/billboards. Here are some HVAC advertising examples to give you inspiration:

Example of HVAC Advertising #1:

hvac advertising most productive slogans

Example of HVAC Contractor Advertising #2:

best hvac company contractor advertising agencies

What Is The Advised Budget For Advertising An HVAC Business?

When it comes to budgeting, it is advisable to deal in percentages rather than whole figures. We recommend spending around 2-5% of your revenue on advertising.

Where Can I Get Free HVAC Advertising Templates?

Check out postermywall. It’s a free graphics editing platform that gives you thousands of advertising templates for Heating and Cooling companies you can simply edit and download in whatever format you want.

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